Roadmap and price

v1. ✔

  • Home/Mentions time line
  • User profile
  • Post Tweet
    *Image is up to 1 sheets attached.
  • Search tweets
  • Multiple Twitter account

v2. ✔

  • View tweet, follow, followers
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Block/Mute the user
  • Lists
  • Edit my profile

v3. ✔40%OFF

  • Post a plurality of images
  • Conversation
  • Filtering of Tweets
    *Text, User, Client, Regular expression
  • Suggestions of hashtags and mentions
  • Favorites list


  • Advanced Search Tweets
  • Direct messages

Next plan

  • Cooperation with other services(Evernote, Read It Later, Instapaper, etc)
  • Strengthening of the browser
  • News
  • Analytics
  • Landscape screen
  • Support iPad
  • iCloud sync

In-App Purchases

  • Notifications
    We're applying to Twitter company now. It is the highest priority task. Twitter Inc has put a limit on the number of users that may use. Therefore, it is expected to be paid.

Aplos is

Aplos is a Twitter client designed for ease of use. It also incorporates advanced features such as streaming of multiple accounts simultaneously and opening links in the In-app tab web browser.

Published media


When you view your home timeline, new tweets are displayed promptly through streaming support.

Stream multiple accounts simultaneously

Have you ever felt that switching between multiple accounts is a hassle? With Aplos, you can display all of them together in a single timeline, letting you favorite and retweet smoothly.

Tab web browser

In-app tab web browser with tweet.

Change design colors

Aplos offers many design colors, with both bright and dark background colors, so there is sure to be a color scheme you'll like.

Continuous development

It is the Aplos development team's policy to incorporate feedback and development requests from users into the app pro-actively. If there's something you're not quite satisfied with functionally, or have an idea on how to improve the app, please get in touch with the development team.

Contacting the development team

If you have any requests or feedback about the app, or any information about problems or bugs, please contact us through the message form in the app, or via the email address below. We will continue making improvements to make a better app, so please feel free to get in touch.


  • View of home timeline and Mentions
  • Browsing user's profile
  • Post Tweets

    The image can be attached to a piece.

  • Search
  • Multiple Accounts

Additional function planned

  • Follow, Unfollow
  • View of favorites and retweets and tweets user
  • View of favorites and retweets and Tweets and profile of their own
  • Notification

    Pending to Twitter, Inc.

  • DM
  • List
  • Mute Tweets

    Character, client, regular expression.

  • Mute and block the user
  • Activities

    Reaction follow, followers.

  • Analytics

    Increase or decrease follow, followers.

  • Additional functions of Posts

    Simultaneous posting multiple images, in multiple accounts.

  • Enhanced of Search
  • Enhanced of the built-in browser

    Delete intermediate page, collectively viewing the page, and sends it to the other services such as Evernote.

  • Customize the layout of the Timeline
  • News

    Summary It has become a hot topic follow, followers.